Dental 3D Printing – The Ultimate Guide

The best way to consider 3D printing in any discipline is to ask the question famous author Clayton Christensen wrote in many of his books, “Will this new technology (workflow, idea, etc.) do the job my customers or patients are looking to do?” This is no exception for dental 3D printing. Our job at 3DHEALS is not to simply “evangelize” the clinical application of 3D printing, but to figure out which “job” is worthwhile to adopt 3D printing to make healthcare more effective, more affordable, and more accessible to hopefully everyone. The adoption of 3D printing in dentistry, which has already undergone a digital revolution in the last few decades, is not accidental. This guide serves both as a summary and an update on the current status, trends, and future trends in this industry.  We wrote this guide based on a number of events we hosted focusing on this subject, as well as industry reports and PubMed research. We aim to regularly update the content of this 3DHEALS Guide. Here is the outline of this guide: 

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