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blank blank Sep 15, 2022
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Biomaterial science is one of the major pillars of the successful advancement of 3D printed solutions for healthcare. In this webinar, we invited stakeholders from academia, industry, larger chemical and material companies, and rising startups to give you a comprehensive view of where material science technology for healthcare 3D printing is at. We aim to provide information with enough breadth and depth that is suitable for both the general public and industry experts.

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Guillaume de Calan


Guillaume de Calan is founder and CEO of Nanoe, a leading supplier of high tech raw materials for the ceramic industry. Through our brand Zetamix, he also launched the first line of filaments for accessible 3D printing of ceramic and metal parts. At Nanoe, we believe material innovation is at the core of new emerging technologies such as 3D printing, Li Ion batteries, medical implants and many more, and we strive to develop and produce best in class raw materials for these applications.

Rao Bezwada

An accomplished scientist and entrepreneur, Rao S. Bezwada, Ph.D. established Bezwada Biomedical LLC, an innovation based and technology driven company. The company is focused on developing a wide range of novel absorbable polymeric biomaterials that represent platform technologies capable of enhancing the quality of life by producing next generation bioabsorbable medical devices with therapeutic applications. Dr. Bezwada is the inventor of numerous absorbable technologies including absorbable polyurethanes, absorbable amino acid polymers, absorbable polyester amides, absorbable polyoxaesters and controlled release polymers. Dr Bezwada’s absorbable polyurethane technology is used in FDA approved products, MONTAGE®, MONTAGE Fast Set Putty, Montage Flowable Putty and PERMATAGE Putty which has been commercialized by Abyrx corporation. In addition, our absorbable polymers are used as bioinks, adhesion prevention barriers, absorbable drug eluting stent coatings, tissue adhesives and sealants, medical device coatings, drug delivery polymers, drug device combinations, absorbable implantable devices and tissue engineering biomaterial scaffolds. Bioinks innovation is one of our specialties. We offer a portfolio of bioinks that consists of PEG Acrylates, PEG Methacrylate’s, PEG Acrylamides, functionalized PEGs and copolymers of PEG with PLGA and Caprolactone. These bioinks can be customized to meet the needs to the customers including molecular weight, viscosity etc. If you’re looking for specialty polymers for 3D printing, please get in touch to discuss your application requirements.

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