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New! 3DHEALS White Paper – Biocompatible materials for 3D Printing Medical Device

Investing in Medical Device (Or NOT): Notes from WSGR’s 2017 Medical Device Conference by Jenny Chen, M.D. – Three bullet points you need to know either as a startup founder looking for funding or investor interesting in healthcare 3D printing or bio-printing (bio-fabrication) space. 

3D Printing Metal: Where we’ve been and where we’re going by Michael Kimiecik – A succinct summary of existing metal 3D printing technologies for everyone.

3D printing regulations in European healthcare facilities: Are they clear enough? by Dr. Joel Joshi Otero – Good question. 

Finalized, the FDA guidance document “Technical Considerations for Additive Manufactured Medical Devices” by Kate Clancy – Finally, some clarification to de-risk future innovations. 

3D Bioprinting: Truth is Beautiful by Jenny Chen, M.D. – “When are we going to have that damn kidney printed?”


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New! 3DHEALS Company Directory: List your company here for FREE. Connect to the world of healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting

3DHEALS White Paper: Healthcare 3D Printing Economics – Money matters, and here is where to find it (Free Download)

Take 3DHEALS 2018 The State of Healthcare 3D Printing Survey! & Win a free 3DHEALS2018 ticket. Download 3DHEALS 2016-2017 State of Healthcare 3D Printing Survey results here to see the landscape. (Winner of the free ticket will be announced based on a lottery system to be announced on April 1st, 2018)

A Roadmap from Idea to Implementation: 3D Printing for Pre-Surgical Application: Operational Management for 3D Printing in Surgery – This is a little black book on 3D printing of getting started in a clinical setting as a result of a desperate measure when resources were scarce and learning was expensive. You can find excerpts of the book in this series of blogs. 

3DHEALS Influencer Interview Series – We have interviewed hundreds of innovators and influencers, including our past event speakers, about their journeys, inspirations, nightmares and dreams alike, and why they are here to stay. These interviews aim to inform and inspire the healthcare 3D printing and bio-printing community.



Upcoming Events

3DHEALS Boston Pitch 3D
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110 Huntington AvenueBoston, Massachusetts 02116 USA
3DHEALS BOSTON: Healthcare 3D Printing GroundUP
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boston, MA
3DHEALS Barcelona: In(3D)ustry Partner Event
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Barcelona, BCN, Catalonia, Spain

3DHEALS 2018 Global Healthcare 3D Printing Conference: Join The Genius Tribe – April 20-21st, 2018 – Photos are now available. Nothing can be more exciting in the field of medical/dental 3D printing and bioprinting than the 3DHEALS annual global event, where brilliant minds, influencers, entrepreneurs, academicians congregate, share ideas, move and shake worlds. You will walk away with the latest industrial intelligence, new networks, and some sleepless nights filled with excitements post-event. 

3DHEALS2018 Startup Pitch Competition – April 21st, 2018 – Adoption of emerging technologies depend on startups. We featured 9 selected startups in the space of healthcare 3D printing, VR/AR, bio-printing/bio-fabrication during the 3DHELAS2018 Global Summit in San Francisco. Here is a summary of the participating startups

Join the Genius tribes: 3DHEALS global community events – Since April 2017, we have grown to 12 cities in the world and all over the U.S. We have organized community-building events in Boston, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, Vigo, Chicago, Amsterdam, and more are coming up, including Washing D.C. and London.

3DHEALS 2017 Global Conference: 3D Print Life – April 20th, 2017 – Missed 2017 edition of 3DHEALS global summit? Some recap articles, photos, and videos may make up here some losses.  






April 20th & 21st, 2018

San Francisco, USA

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