Some of the most exciting aspects of working at 3DHEALS are discovering early-stage startups, and their founders, seeing new trends and visions, and learning about adjacent technologies, and the forces behind them. However, changing the world is not easy, and fundraising remains one of many challenges founders in healthcare 3D printing will meet. The aim of Pitch3D is to save founders time. Since April 20th, 2018, 3DHEALS has hosted numerous online and offline Pitch3D sessions, introducing 50+ startups from all over the world to over thirty institutional investors who are interested in healthcare 3D printing, bioprinting, and adjacent fields including AI/ML, relevant engineering/workflow software, 3D scanning, VR/AR, 3D Visualization, materials, robotics, data management, and regenerative medicine. However, beyond the technological appeal, the goal of Pitch3D is to accelerate healthcare innovations focusing on a decentralized healthcare delivery system of personalized solutions. That is our vision for the future.

The format is very simple:

30 minutes on Zoom at a predetermined time after our initial screening call. Ideally, founders will spend 15 minutes going through the pitch deck, which will be recorded and shared with our investor pool. The remaining 15 minutes will be live QA directly with investors on Zoom. If you are an institutional investor who wants to receive our deal flow, please contact info@3dheals with an email titled “Pitch3D Investor Connection”.

Institutional investors whom we are connected with include (not a complete list):

GreatPoint Ventures

JNJ Venture

Boost VC

HP Ventures

AM Ventures

Intuitive Surgical Ventures

Evonik Ventures

New Enterprise Associates

Asimov Ventures

KYTO Technology and Life Sciences (angel group)

MBX Capital

EOS Bioinnovation

ULU Ventures

SheIsIndependent (angel group)

eFund (angel group)

Past Startups:

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