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1. Expert’s corner: We invite leaders and influencers from the health care 3D printing ecosystem to write a 300-500 words piece with their insights in the industry. The focus of this article can be technical or non-technical but need to reflect the strength of the writers’ background and expertise.
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Interview with COO of ScientiFeet Cyrille Pailleret

Cyrille Pailleret After graduating from a French Business School, Cyrille started his career as a consultant in Management & Operations. He launched an e-commerce platform to distribute French entrepreneurs' brands, which turned out to be a complete failure. Back...

What are Google, Twitter looking for in a new hire…

This piece may seem offbeat to my normal discussion on the field of healthcare 3D printing, but if I don’t share this, then I am not living what I preach. Recounting a casual conversation recently (last night) with a friend who is also the senior engineer at Twitter...