This page describes media opportunities with 3DHEALS. This page also highlights our media partners, past speakers, and events in the space of healthcare 3D printing, bioprinting, 3D technologies, and adjacent fields.

Grow with 3DHEALS

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” -Henry Ford

There are Three Routine Main Methods to Engage with 3DHEALS either as a thought leader or company in the healthcare 3D printing ecosystem:

  1. Expert Corner
  2. Instagram Live Interview
  3. Monthly Theme-based Webinar

Need more help? We provide paid consulting service:

1. Expert Corner

The Expert Corner column is an invitation-only column. It intends to dig deeper than normal news outlets, be more technical, and give people a more authentic first-person narrative from innovators/researchers themselves, removing the unnecessary middle narrators (i.e. journalist, marketer, etc.).

There will be a 500 USD fee starting Jan 1st, 2022 due to the cost of the editorial effort.

Interested writers and companies can reach out to Please include your proposed title, content focus, author information, the estimated delivery date in your email. If you have committed to write for us, we will trust you will deliver and will not repeatedly remind you since our editorial team is already very busy learning other awesome things. Accountability is something we value and deliver ourselves.

Here are a few more reasons why it makes sense to write for 3DHEALS beyond what’s apparent: 

3DHEALS spends actual marketing dollars to promote your article. In other words, you get your idea out to a wider audience and it’s free. 

3DHEALS circulates content strategically, so it is not just one blog, but repeated exposures in a variety of formats. 

Infographics: We can design and create professional infographics if your blog content is appropriate. 

The minimal length of the article is 700  words, but longer multi-piece blogs are also accepted. Here is a recent example:

infographic on four stages of 3D bioprinting
Infographic: Four Stages of 3D Bioprinting

2. Instagram Live Interview

Our IG account serves as a window into the world of healthcare 3D Printing and bioprinting. We aim to use this platform to give all innovators an equal playground — the democratization of marketing power. Good works should be discovered and highlighted regularly. It serves both the innovators and the public. We also aim to make our IG a window for inspiration. We want people to be able to find futuristic art and design concepts as well as life-changing applications. Every 3DHEALS Instagram post is also directly reflected on our landing page. 

On some Thursdays (SF, Pacific Time), we will host IG Live interviews with the Instagram influencers we admire to have formal and informal conversations.

The same interview recording will also be converted into videos and podcasts.

We want to bring these amazing people behind the beautiful images into the spotlight. We will invite them to discuss their works/lives, and at the same time answer to our audiences directly. No filter. (If you have a relevant IG account and/or want to participate in IG Live interview, please email:

3. Theme-Based Webinar

3DHEALS’ top priority remains to be our mission statements: To connect, to educate, and to discover. Instead of painful and days-long video summits, we create monthly theme-based webinars that last around 90-120 minutes on a monthly basis. These webinars will focus on relevant topics ranging from medical and dental applications using 3D printing, bioprinting, veterinary medicine, as well as relevant adjacent fields such as regulatory landscape, design, Cybersecurity, and other adjacent fields (e.g. Artificial intelligence, advanced materials, AR/VR, robotics, etc.). Most of our attendees found these webinars are efficient ways for them to quickly gain ecosystem knowledge and prepare them for deeper conversations.

Each event can have a maximum of two sponsors:

For more info and a customized media or advertising plan, please email:

Cybersecurity for 3D Printed Medical Devices

Media Partnership

Media partnership is a non-monetary mutual agreement to share organizational events, typically for events similar in size and quality but terms and conditions can be customized. The partnership will agree on promotional activities related to social media, newsletters, or other media distribution channels. An example can be seen below:

3DHEALS In The Media

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Past Speakers