Interview w/ Dr. Matteo Zanfabro : 3D Printing for Animals

I had a lot of fun speaking to Matteo Zanfabro (Instagram account: 3dvet.printing and playvet3d)  because of many good reasons. Not only we both love what 3D printing can do for healthcare but also share a passion for medical imaging, although our clients are very different. In this episode, we talked a little about his early journey into using 3D printing for veterinary medicine, and some unique challenges in adopting 3D printing for animals. There is certainly a lot for human doctors and veterinarians to learn from each others’ experiences.  Of course, Dr. Zanfabro brought us a few interesting cases he has 3D printed.

About our guest Dr. Matteo Zanfabro

Matteo Zanfabro
, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduated from the University of Parma in  2017. Zanfabro is applying 3D printing to Veterinary Medicine since 2015 during his experimental thesis “The use of 3D printing in pre-operative surgical planning”. He founded a private research project named “3D Veterinary Printing” focused on the clinical application of these technologies. In 2018 he won the “MSD Community Award” for the 3D VET  project. In 2019-2020 was Research Fellow at the O.U. Diagnostic Imaging (University of Parma), focusing on the technological transfer of PlayCast system (  to the Veterinary Medicine field. Now he is a member of R&D at PlayVet (, a new company branch that designs and produces 3D-printed made-to-measure veterinary medical devices.

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