3D Printing Veterinary Medicine – A Guide

According to American Pet Product Association (APPA), the current pet-related product industry is worth more than 100 billion dollars, where one-third is veterinary-related products based on 2021 data, with an accelerated 20% growth from 2020 to 2021 due to the pandemic. In fact, veterinary care is the number one out-of-pocket cost for pet owners in 2021-2022, similar to previous years. There has been a steady growth in this remarkable industry. Some additional interesting veterinary-related data can be found here. According to AVMA, Vets experienced a 50% increase in new pets per week Mar-Aug. 2020. Therefore, it is clear that we care a lot about our animal companions and veterinary medicine will continue to grow due to society’s needs, and the big question is if 3D printing technology can have a market in this niche but promising space.  There are two parts to this question. One is IF 3D printing can provide a technological solution to veterinary medicine. TWO is IF 3D printing in veterinary medicine can be a viable business, and perhaps even a thriving business. The purpose of this guide is to summarize what we have learned from our field experts in the past several years of conversations and events, as well as our own literature research. We plan to continue to update this guide to keep our readers up to date. 

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