Twelve Viral Healthcare 3D Printing Instagram Posts in 2021 We Shared

While the power of 3D printing lies far beyond the visual awe from the geometric lattices, unique mixtures of organic and synthetic curvatures, many of us were drawn to the technology often because of our visual experiences in our early encounters. Along with the amazing 3D objects that were made and designed entirely differently are stories that are inspirational and encouraging. For example, this box of 3D printed congenital pediatric heart pieces shown during RSNA, a radiology conference I went to almost a decade ago, was my earliest interaction with 3D printing.

That’s why we decided that we should create and promote an Instagram account to increase the visibility of the creators in the healthcare community and showcase their work to as wide an audience as we could through our #3DHEALSPOST campaign as well as our Instagram Live events last year. We want to continue to be inspired and to inspire others. The result was phenomenal and we have met many inspiring individuals. Here we want to give a Kudo to the top Instagram posts we have reposted through 3DHEALS account. Make sure you give them a Kudo and follow their accounts.

12. Point of Care with 3D Printed Cast (@3dxcast)

11. The Power of Our Love and Heart (@esun3dprinting

10. From Cosplay to Prosthetics #PrintedbyPrusa (@printedbyprusa

9. Dave Makes Stuff! (@davemakesstuffbc)

What is even cooler is that Dave has made his designs available for download on Thingiverse!

8. I want to grow up to be Dr. Johnny Uday (@udayjohnny)

Along with this post (cranial prosthetic design by Dr. Uday), there is a recent interview with him that is very worthwhile reading. Stay tuned for the upcoming podcast with Dr. Uday so we can all learn how to create magic like this in the near future.

7. FRESH Bioprinting Technique (and Cellink) is Everywhere, and We Love them! (@sygnis_nt3d @cellink3d)

6. Good 3D Printed Orthotic and Prosthetic Designs – Smart Latticing is the Key (@s_d_pro95)

5. We love dogs…and their 3D Printed Prothesis (@divedesignco)

Check out our IG Live interview with Alex and Adam from Dive Design recently.

4. Dental 3D Printing: Smooth 3D Workflow can be a piece of Art (@surfctcom @dr.anthonypallotto)

3. Dave Makes Stuff Rock! (@davemakesstuffbc)

Another blockbuster anatomical design by Dave, also downloadable!

2. We are making 3D printed implants for animals too! (@udayjohnny)

1. Can generative design create better medical devices? (@genic_systems)

This is our number one post of the year. This post not only generated a massive number of likes and impressions but also many meaningful conversations among designers and 3D printing engineers, and clinicians. The creator of this post is Peter Domeracki, CEO of Genic Systems, and we hope to hear more from him in 2022.

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