IG Live: Tomi Kalpio: CEO of Brinter

Oct 24, 2021

In this episode of Instagram Live, we were fortunate to interview the CEO of Brinter , Tomi Kalpio, on Instagram Live to learn the birth history of Brinter, what makes Brinter differentiated from other bioprinting platforms, biotechnology entrepreneur life in Finland, Tomi’s vision for bioprinting and regenerative medicine field, and the future of Brinter, why “collaboration” is more meaningful in 3D bioprinting either in the academia or commercial/pharma world, why is no one creating software for bioprinting? 

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Fun Excerpts for this podcast: 

Why your bioprinting company is named “Brinter”?

 “The name Brinter came from and then I realized that we have a long history in 3d printing in general, and also biomaterials. So I think it was obvious that we came up with the idea to combine those both to become a printer. So that’s the very short version of how everything happened.”

What was Brinter’s founding story? 

“So the story began when I was born in 1978, 3d blood in my veins. So since I was a little kid, I would have been always building something in 3D. And in 1999, I first time saw 3d printing and in 2006, I already use it in end products. At that time, it was the SLS method. And in 2011,  we started to think about how to utilize this business-wise, with a couple of colleagues who later became cofounders for 3D Tech.

We analyze the markets and power port our own scanners and printers and, and 3d design software’s. In 2013, we decided to finally start up the company called  3D Tech, and  3D Tech works at with two different business units since the beginning.   3D Tech provides services, designing, creating, scanning while developing technologies, and our first own printer was DLP based that we developed in 2015. 

And in 2016, we found our passion and the path of the technology business unit. 

We were asked to participate brain 3D printing project that was more than interesting at that time. And we said yes immediately because I felt it in my heart that this is the way that we need to go. The next year after that, in 2017, we participated in a 3D printing kidney project with the same feeling…And during that time, we also started to develop our own first bioprinter. 

And at that time, we also got the idea about the modular system with this tool sensing interface that brings the printer differentiate from others. And we have been using that in our own research and development process as well. So after a couple of years, in 2020, we separated the companies, and now Brinter is own separate entity and has nothing to do with the 3D Tech anymore. So that’s the very long story short how it all happened.”

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About our Guest for this Episode: 

Tomi Kalpio, CEO of Brinter

An innovative leader always looking for new ways to tackle old challenges by creating solutions you did not know that you need.

Leadership and Management skills:

– Technological Competence Management; Technologically-oriented business knowledge which creates a solid ground to analyze and develop global operations and processes

– Order-to-Delivery process

Technical skills:

– Bioprinting / Additive Manufacturing / 3D-printing / 3D Design Professional

– Value-adding to production processes and product

– Know how from small product specific details to large production lines

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