Lattice August 2023 Newsletter: Courage Is Calling

Sep 08, 2023

“Courage Is Calling” ????

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“If it wasn’t scary, everyone would do it. If it was easy, there wouldn’t be any growth in it.”

― Ryan Holiday, Courage Is Calling: Fortune Favors the Brave

“Courage” is the theme of this month’s newsletter. 

In my line of work with 3DHEALS, I have witnessed such courage in many entrepreneurs. Many have said no to prestigious and safe job offers, and sacrifice personally and financially on a daily basis with the hope of making a positive impact in the world. They do not sit on the sideline, waiting for others to make the first move. They make the first move.

Some call them naive optimists, but I think they are just courageous. They are my “heroes” in life.

This month, we published a summary of sixteen Pitch3D startups from the first half of 2023, and the founders of these companies resemble this group of heroic individuals in our community, in spite of war, personal discomforts, and financial stress in a depressed capital market, they are carrying on, inventing a better future. 

I believe these people will be rewarded eventually because of their bravery. Check them out and give them Kudos ???? if you can.


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You can always catch up on news we shared in healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting on this page.

  1. Bioprinting Revolution: The Power of Progressive Cavity Technology
  2. Four U.S. Dental Schools At The Frontier of 3D Printing Education
  3. Exploring Six Policy Areas Impacting Healthcare 3D Printing, Bioprinting- Guide
  4. Materialise Opens New Medical 3D Printing Facility in Michigan
  5. Research Begins On 3D Printed Drugs For Pediatric Care
  6. 3D Systems Partners with Theradaptive to Advance Regenerative Medicine
  7. New Method an Important Step Toward Future 3D Printing of Human Tissues
  8. BMF Launches the World’s Thinnest Cosmetic Dental Veneer Offering a Minimally Invasive Treatment Option
  9. 3D-Printed Device Brings Much-Needed Rehabilitative Care to Patients in Ghana
  10. Desktop Health introduces the PrintRoll Rotating Build Platform
  11. A Kit for Better Care: Understanding Nottingham University’s 3D Printing Toolkit for Medical Products
  12. Full-sized realistic 3D printed models of liver and tumour anatomy: a useful tool for the clinical medicine education of beginning trainees
  13. The 3D Printing Behind The Billion-Dollar Smile Business
  14. Medical Device Sector Seeks Domestic Additive Manufacturing Services
  15. Jagged Little Pills: Bizarre Shapes Allow Better Drug Release Control
  16. Westec Plastics First Medical Molder to Acquire Game-Changing Metal Printer
  17. Do Surgeons Need to Utilize 3D Printing in Orthopedic Oncology?
  18. Does Reshoring Enable Higher Utilization of 3D Printing
  19. SINTX 3D Prints of Medical Implants with Flex-SN PEEK
  20. How Metrology Ensures Quality in 3D Printing
  21. New and Improved Bioink to Enhance 3D Bioprinted Skeletal Muscle Construct
  22. 3D Bioprinting to Unveil the Secrets of the Brain
  23. 3D Functional Neuronal Networks in Free-Standing Bioprinted Hydrogel Constructs
  24. Bioprinting Under the Microscope: Are the Current Standards Ethical?
  25. Beyond Traditional Models: 3D Bioprinted Tumor Microenvironment Unlocks Resistance Insights
  26. NIH Grant to Facilitate High-Speed Bioprinting of Bones, Tracheas, Organs
  27. New Study Investigates 3D-Printing Use in Dental Practice
  28. Desktop Health and Carbon Partner to 3D Print Dental Prosthetics
  29. Renishaw 3D prints parts for Team GB track bike ahead of Paris 2024 Olympic Games
  30. Theken Companies Acquires VisionAir Solutions
  31. Breakthrough In Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment With 3D Printed Wound Dressings
  32. How To Be a Successful Additive Manufacturing Machine Shop
  33. Axial3D Scores FDA Clearance
  34. Researchers make Breakthrough in Functional Human Tissue 3D Printing
  35. Researchers Develop 3D Printed Biomimetic ‘Faive Hand’

Going Viral:
New Instagram Challenge

What is your Truth? What is your wildest dream with 3D printing to heal and empower our health? 
Starting this month, we will host a 3-month Instagram contest for our audience to show us how to use one of the latest artificial intelligence tools.

How to participate: 

  • Generate an AI art using any large language model-based graphic generator (example: DALL-E, Midjourney, Canva, Bing) focusing on what you would like to see in the far future in healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting
  • Include the text and engine you used to generate the graphic
  • Use hashtag #3DHEALSPOST
  • Tag our account on Instagram @3dheals

What happens next: 

  • Qualified posts will be reposted on 3DHEALS social media (including Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Selected artwork will also be featured in our upcoming monthly newsletters and publications. 
  • All reposts/republications will give the author recognition 

The “heart” you see above is an example of such AI artwork using Midjourney with the text “A 3D bio-printed human heart residing in a robot’s chest”. 

Have fun! & Join the contest by Tagging @3dheals and using hashtag #3dhealspost

Also, in case you missed our virtual event focusing on artificial intelligence last month, don’t worry, you can now find it on-demand here. Also, if you join as a Premium member, you can access all the past events since 2017. 

Open Source

In the month of August, we found another incredible open-source project for you who wants to put together a bioprinter.

This Instructable project seems doable. In fact, it can also be used for food bioprinting according to the author. 


3DPOD Podcast 

– Micro 3D Printing with Adam Steege and Scott Schiller, Trio Labs

Trio Labs is one of the Pitch3D companies that is “quietly revolutionizing the field of small metal parts with its high-volume, accurate metal 3D printing technology. Since 2017, the company has been concentrating its efforts on medical devices.” 

In this episode of the 3DPOD, Trio Labs’ CEO, Adam Steege, and CCO Scott Schiller share their insights on Trio’s technologies, market, and strategies in an increasingly interesting field of 3D printing tiny things. For those who are interested, we also previously hosted a great event focusing on Microscale 3D printing in healthcare.


August has been a tough month for many, from natural disasters all over the world to an ongoing war with no apparent end in sight, life feels “inflamed” in general. Okay, and we have another COVID strain on the rise? (What?!)
In fact, this WHO article suggests there is an overall ~25% increase in anxiety and depression in this post-pandemic world. In its capitalistic style, WSJ also published an article on the “booming business of anxiety“.
I myself was not able to escape from getting anxious and hence I picked up some philosophy books, in particular, books on stoicism.
Courage is Calling” is a succinct book with plenty of historical references to put ancient philosophies in the modern world context.

Funny fact, the author Ryan Holiday was in fact a marketing genius a decade ago as a college dropout and became a strategy advisor to famous media personalities, bestselling authors, and multi-platinum musicians. Now, at least on Amazon, he “is one of the world’s bestselling living philosophers.” 

What a pivot!

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