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Jul 14, 2022
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According to American Pet Product Association (APPA), the current pet-related product industry is worth more than 100 billion dollars, where one-third is veterinary-related products based on 2020 data. There is a steady growth of this remarkable industry, but there are definitely more pet owners now than ever after the pandemic. Some interesting veterinary-related data can be found here.

According to AVMA, Vets experienced a 50% increase in new pets per week Mar-Aug. 2020. Similar to human society, the pet market experiences similar supply chain and manufacturing challenges. Can 3D printing provide better, more efficient veterinary care and a more robust supply chain than the traditional way of things?

This webinar invites a group of international speakers who are expert veterinarians, industrialists, designers, and engineers, who take care of our furry friends on a daily basis using 3D printing and related innovative 3D technologies. Of course, the “patients” here may be more than just pets, but animals in general. (How about a horse?) So tune in and see who are these smaller, larger, variable-shaped animal friends are in this exciting webinar.

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Alexander Then

Alexander is a Veterinary Surgeon since 2015 with main interest in Diagnostic Imaging. He has undertaken Master Degree classes in CT, MRI, ultrasonography and nuclear medicine. These courses where a part of a program which is called Imaging and Functional Medicine and are mainly aimed for human doctors and radiology nurses. Further, he finished a 1.5 years long post graduate program for engineers that allows him to use the title of a 3D Printing Specialist. He has been doing 3D Printed jigs with the surgical planning at the 200+ employee Small Animal Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden for over a year now and is keen to do even more. Recently he also started the first veterinary company in the Nordic countries which today is focused on offering guide systems with 3D printed jigs for veterinary professionals to make the surgical procedures easier and much more precise.

Andrew Allshorn

Andrew Graduated Wolverhampton School of Art and Design with a Degree in Product Design. In 1994 he started his career in AM/3D Printing running an SLA250 and Vacuum system at Liverpool University, before being offered the position of Applications Engineer at 3D Systems introducing 3DPrinting all over the world. After nearly 30 years in the industry Andrew is still running his own company and is extremely passionate about promoting AM via STEAM Education and getting children involved at schools and colleges. Education is the way forward for this industry and it is also the AMUG philosophy for its members. He is a problem solver and love nothing more than helping develop new applications for all industries For the past three years Andrew has served in the Vice President position for AMUG and he also sits on the TCT Expert Advisory Board and is involved in their Bright Minds Initiative at the TCT3Sixty event, as well as being a Create Education Ambassador where he visits schools to educate children about our amazing industry.

Johnny Uday

I am a Veterinarian Surgeon passionate about 3D printing; currently working designing and manufacturing patient specific implants for human/animal use.

Dr. Kalman Czeibert

After graduation, he worked as a clinician veterinarian in a small animal hospital. In 2012, he joined the Department of Anatomy and Histology at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest, to teach veterinary anatomy. In 2016, he became a research member of the Senior Family Dog Project at the ‘ELTE’ Eotvos Lorand University, which investigated canine cognitive dysfunction with an international ERC group. He defended his Ph.D. thesis on canine neuroanatomy and 3D modelling, and due to his interest in these topics, he coordinates the Canine Brain and Tissue Bank and regularly assists in small animal brain surgeries. Currently, he is working at LimesVet Ltd. in a research-innovation-development position to create custom-made veterinary equipment and integrating digital modelling, 3D printing and anatomical visualization into the routine clinical, research and educational life.


Richard Doerer

Richard Doerer is the 3DHEALS Detroit Community Manager. He is the founder of Modl3D, LLC, a medical technology company specializing in 3D printing and medical imagery for veterinary practices and education. Recent projects include canine nasal sarcomas, brain meningiomas, and aneurysms in the caudal cava.

Richard made a career change to work in the medical field after hearing Dr. David Zopf at a Materialise event in Detroit. Dr. Zopf was a recent speaker at the 3DHEALS Detroit event at the University of Michigan in January 2020. 

A former Yale School of Architecture faculty member in architectural model building, Richard has been involved with 3D printing since the early 1990s with SLA’s from 3D Systems.

In addition to his work with Modl3D, Richard is the Additive Lab Manager/Engineering Manager for Adient, LLC. Adient, LLC is the largest global automotive seat manufacturer.  

Richard is an automotive industry expert featured on numerous panel discussions and holds numerous patents for innovative automotive applications. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, MBA and Yale School of Art, MFA.

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