3D Printing for Congenital Heart Disease and Drug Toxicity

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Nov 15, 2020

In this issue of “From Academia”, we share with you three latest publications focusing on 3D printing for congenital heart disease and a novel organ on a chip model focusing on cardiac toxicity. The first two articles focus on how 3D printed models based on 3D echocardiogram datasets can be useful in intervention or treatment planning for congenital heart disease. The third article demonstrates the potential feasibility of using an organ-on-a-chip model combining breast cancer and cardiac cells to monitor breast cancer treatment and associated cardiac toxicity/side effects from chemotherapy.

From Academia” features recent, relevant, close to commercialization academic publications. Subjects include but not limited to healthcare 3D printing, 3D bioprinting, and related emerging technologies.

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3D printing applications for percutaneous structural interventions in congenital heart disease

Authored by Hannah Tredway, Nikhil Pasumarti, Matthew A. Crystal, Kanwal M. Farooqi. Mini-invasive Surgery. 6 November 2020

3D Echocardiography Provides Highly Accurate 3D Printed Models in Congenital Heart Disease

Authored by K. L. Mowers, J. B. Fullerton, D. Hicks, G. K. Singh, M. C. Johnson & S. Anwar. Pediatric Cardiology. 20 October 2020

A Heart‐Breast Cancer‐on‐a‐Chip Platform for Disease Modeling and Monitoring of Cardiotoxicity Induced by Cancer Chemotherapy

Authored by Junmin Lee  Shreya Mehrotra  Elaheh Zare‐Eelanjegh  Raquel O. Rodrigues  Alireza Akbarinejad  David Ge  Luca Amato  Kiavash Kiaee  YongCong Fang  Aliza Rosenkranz  Wendy Keung  Biman B. Mandal  Ronald A. Li  Ting Zhang  HeaYeon Lee  Mehmet Remzi Dokmeci  Yu Shrike Zhang  Ali Khademhosseini  Su Ryon Shin, Small. 23 October 2020 

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