3D Printed Hearing Aids for the Developing World

I’ve always had a desire to serve people’s real human needs, so after studying Arabic, I began connecting with people all over Jordan who were working with those with physical challenges. During that time I met Brother Andrew, a Dutch monk, the Director of the Institute for the Deaf in Salt, Jordan, and the Chairman of World Wide Hearing (Switzerland). He had lived in the Middle East for over 40 years by that point and had helped provide thousands of hearing aids to children and adults in the Middle East, including 2000 Syrian refugees living in Jordan. I soon found an opportunity to volunteer with Brother Andrew doing projects. It was with him that I saw the amazing transformation a hearing aid could have on a person’s life, especially a child’s. And it was with him that I witnessed the intricate and laborious process that went into fashioning hearing aid molds for their clients.

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