3D Printing for Animals

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According to American Pet Product Association (APPA), the current pet-related product industry is worth more than 100 billion dollars, where one-third is veterinary-related products based on 2020 data. There is a steady growth of this remarkable industry, but there are definitely more pet owners now than ever after the pandemic. Some interesting veterinary-related data can be found here.

According to AVMA, Vets experienced a 50% increase in new pets per week Mar-Aug. 2020. Similar to human society, the pet market experiences similar supply chain and manufacturing challenges. Can 3D printing provide better, more efficient veterinary care and a more robust supply chain than the traditional way of things?




Matteo Zanfabro

Matteo Zanfabro, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, is applying 3D printing to Veterinary  Medicine since 2015 during his experimental thesis “The use of 3D printing in pre operative surgical planning”. After graduation in 2017, he founded a private research project named “3D Veterinary Printing” which focused on veterinary clinical research and application of 3D printing technology, winning the “MSD Community Award” in 2018.  After a period as a Research Fellow at the University of Parma, now he is full-employed in PlayCast (www.playcast.it) as a member of R&D and in charge of the new company branch: PlayVet (www.playvet.it). It is a system for Veterinary Hospital and Clinics to  provide 3D printed made-to-measure veterinary medical devices for small animal patients, from orthosis to perioperative supports. PlayVet is going to be available from  September 2021 in few authorized centers in northern Italy.


Dr. Johnny Uday

Veterinarian, 3D biomodeler, 3D researcher


With special interest in providing affordable personalized solutions for people/animals in developing countries.

First Place in the “International Congress of Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Rehabilitation Ecuador 2019”

With the conference “Use of 3D Open Source Software in Maxillofacial Surgery and Reconstruction”

First place in the “Inter Hospital Case Report Contest Ecuador 2021”

With the case “ Personalized Total Joint Replacement for a teenager with Ameloblastoma of the Jaw”

Speaker in several National and International Congresses


3D printed device for Atlanto Axial subluxation

3D printed device for transdermal weight- bearing prosthesis

Optimized temporomandibular joint interface with 3D printing and CNC machining


Mateusz Pawlik

Mateusz Pawlik

Graduate of Biomedical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology in Poland.  He gained his experience working in international companies in the medical industry as a product engineer and continuous development manager.  Co-owner of CABIOMEDE – company providing R&D services in medical engineering area and Pets Analytics – startup developing an innovative solution in the field of animal health monitoring.

Operations Manager responsible for new products and technology development – presurgical models, custom made surgical guides and implants, polymeric and metal spine and joint implants for animals. Together with CABIOMEDE team developed more than 500 patient’s cases on a basis of Computed Tomography. His biggest project was related to create veterinary surgical workshop models – full canine and feline fractures database according to AOVet classification.


Alexander Tholl

Alex is co-founder and CEO of DiveDesign a product design and development firm based out of NYC/NJ. Alex started his design career in freelance and then moving into the As Seen On TV product market. With a desire for better processes and design, he teamed up with a close college friend to build DiveDesign. Dive helps its clients strategically develop new and innovative products through deep market research, design conceptualization, prototyping, and traditional/alternative manufacturing methods. As Dive has grown, Alex and Adam have honed in on helping large companies tell compelling stories through product development for all types of marketing purposes. You can find us @divedesignco on Facebook/Instagram and TikTok.


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