Bioprinting for Beginners

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Lecture 1: An Introduction
This video lecture covers the history of bioprinting, how it all began, the current and future applications and an overview of the process.

Lecture 2: Bioprinting Technology
This video lecture reviews three basic platforms currently utilized in bioprinting technology.

Lecture 3: Materials for Bioprinting
This video lecture discusses the materials, natural and synthetic, most commonly used in bioprinting.

Lecture 4: Cells
This video lecture discusses different types of cells and cell requirements commonly used in bioprinting for tissue regeneration.

Lecture 5: Applications
This video lecture highlights 3 significant applications and research pursued in the field of bioprinting.

About the lecturer

Dr. Mayasari Lim has over 13 years of research experience and technical expertise in the field of stem cell, 3D cell culture, bioreactors and bioprinting technology. In 2014, she started a bioprinting company in the Bay Area, designing desktop bio printers for the education and research market. She currently serves as CEO of SE3D and adjunct faculty at the University of California of Berkeley’s Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership.

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