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blank blank Nov 03, 2022
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Point of care 3D printing is becoming one of the biggest attractions in adopting 3D printing in healthcare systems because it demonstrates the ability to decentralize manufacturing personalized medical devices. The medical devices can range from anatomical modeling, implants, to surgical guides based on the latest updates from all over the world. However, for companies interested in expanding markets either locally or regionally, understanding the complex relationships among different players and regulations are critical. In this webinar, we invited an international panel of experts who had both clinical and industrial experiences in point of care 3D printing to have an exciting conversation that we have all been waiting for.

Please see FAQ about 3DHEALS here. This event also serves to network freely and to connect Pitch3D start-ups and investors during the breakout session, you can apply here. The on-demand recording will also be available here after the event.

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Ido Bitan


Ido Bitan is a Product Manager in Stratasys’s Medical Solutions Department. Mr. Bitan received a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering from Beer Sheva University in Israel. Mr. Bitan began his career at a start-up company, where he worked as part of the Research & Development team to develop new cancer-detecting equipment that assists surgeons in the operating room. Mr. Bitan has helped establish Stratasys’s adaption to the medical industry, leading the development of the Digital Anatomy Printer, Digital Anatomy Creator, and many more of the accompanying materials and software features. The Medical Department at Stratasys continues to push the boundaries of technology to improve patient care worldwide, and Mr. Bitan is passionate about improving the healthcare system to ensure better outcomes for any patient.

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