Pitch3D October: Anatomiz3D, Carlsmed, Particle3D

Pitch3D is set to be recurrent each month, aiming to create an opportunity for early-stage startups in the realm of healthcare 3D printing, bioprinting, and advanced materials to have first meetings with a curated panel institutional investors. The presentations are meant to be short (10 minutes max.) but aim to get to the bottom line quickly to stage a second 1:1 meeting that would be more in-depth and longer with interested investors. The online format also avoids the opportunity cost of the investor-startup meeting due to time and geographic barriers. To pitch in our future sessions, the application is here. To be included in our investor mailing list, you must be qualified institutional investors, please email us directly: info@3dheals.com.

Three startups pitched online yesterday via the Pitch3D platform to a group of institutional investors.

Here are the companies that have pitched, all of them are seed stage, located all over the world (India, Denmark, and the U.S.). The sessions were short but to the point. Compared to the pitch sessions we saw when we started Pitch3D, the takeaway yesterday was that startups in the healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting are attracting more seasoned entrepreneurs all over the world. Interested investors can also find information on these companies in our Company Directory, which we periodically update with new information.


CARLSMED’s team of surgeons, engineers, and industry executives are developing a platform to improve outcomes for complex spine surgery patients. The patented technology uses pre-operative patient imaging and clinical outcome data to create an optimized implant design that is 3D printed for each individual patient. (Investor contact: Mike Cordonnier )

Particle 3D– Particle3D has developed a technology to reconstruct the patient’s exact anatomy with 3D printed patient-fitted implants with bone-like porosity. The implants are made from natural biomaterials that degrade over time and convert into real living bone tissue. (Investor contact: Thea Wulff OIesen and Casper Slots)

Anatomiz3D– is an extensive ‘patient-specific’​ solution provider to the healthcare industry, utilizing Design, 3D Printing, and bioprinting technologies. It is an organization incorporated to be a one-stop solution for all medical products related to 3D Printing, providing services across the world. Being the first and only ones in India to provide soft-tissue patient-specific pre-operative models, Anatomiz3D has a good understanding of the anatomy and technicalities. (Investor contact: Firoza Kothari)

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