Not Another Podcast: The Lattice

In 2018, I was inspired to create a dedicated 3DHEALS podcast after meeting a young lady Penelope during the 3DHEALS2018 conference. Penelope was the first American patient who received a 3D printed thoracic cage implant created by Australian company AnatomicsRx.

Penelope is a very well articulated and knowledgeable young patient. Part of her treatment success with AnatomicsRx came from herself. She is a true advocate for her own healthcare. She did her own research, reached out to various companies and providers for better solutions than the options she was initially presented with. It was a great story to share with the 3DHEALS community not just about that the technology worked, but that patients can be our powerful allies on this journey of re-inventing healthcare. It is also an inspiring story for many other patients who can learn to take more control over their fate. Unfortunately, that was put off, and I wish I did not.

However, amid this COVID-19 crisis and the fact we are full speed towards possibly the largest virtual conference this June, 3DHEALS2020, some alone time during quarantine gave me an opportunity to reflect on the purpose of 3DHEALS and its future.

One of the most important roles of 3DHEALS is to provide a stage for individuals who are passionate about reinventing healthcare using 3D printing and bioprinting, so that they can tell their stories to the right audience who share their passion first, and eventually the entire world. We think it is important for smart people who have little marketing budget to be heard and seen.

The podcast will invite technological game-changers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, world-class clinicians, scientists, and other expert stakeholders to deep dive on topics that are interesting to 3DHEALS audience, but it will also include interviews with our live event speakers, AMA (Ask Me Anything) episodes, where the 3DHEALS community managers will answer various questions from the community, and recordings from 3DHEALS webinars.

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