No More Manual Work: Interview with Xkelet CEO and Co-founder Jordi Tura (Video)

In this episode of Instagram live, we had the pleasure to interview Jordi Tura the CEO and founder of Xkelet on his entrepreneur journey and on 3D printing immobilization orthotic devices since 2014, which started with his own broken arm. In addition to the technical aspects of Xkelet’s products, we also talked about how to grow a company ground up, how to work with doctors and healthcare systems, and how to improve unit economics to increase the adaption of the technologies, among others. 

Major talking points include:

How can an outsider create a product to have a product-market fit in healthcare? 

What was the first version of Xkelet braces look like?

What are the three major milestones of Xkelet technical and business development?

How did Jordi’s clinical collaborations contribute to the design and growth of Xkelet? 

How does Xkelet leverage software design to increase unit economics and productivity?

Complimentary hardware and material development to Xkelet software platform to optimize the speed and quality of scan-to-print process. 

What is the benefit of staying focused on one solution?

The Lattice Podcast

About Our Guest:

@Xkelet has been working in the 3D printing immobilization orthotic space ever since 2014. CEO and Founder Jordi has met with many challenges along his journey to bring rapid and affordable user-friendly 3D printed orthosis focusing on the software step of the workflow.   

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