Learning Dental 3D Printing Through Social Media: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Vegh 🗺

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In this episode of Instagram Live recording, I invited Dr. Daniel Vegh, a young faculty member and prosthodontist from Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) to share with us his early journey of learning about dental 3D printing, his recent accomplishments in the space, and his vision for its future.  Dr. Vegh is the author behind @3d_printing_dentistry on Instagram. During the interview, Daniel also shared how he leveraged social media to build a community for dental 3D printing both locally and internationally.  He also brought us a few examples of his past works on camera.

Additional highlights of this interview:

What is the current status of establishing formal curriculum in dental schools?

Who is most interested in adopting 3D printing in their dental practices?

How to find other dentists who are actively using 3D printing?

What are some suggestions for new dentists to the space?

About our guest: Dr. Daniel Vegh

Daniel Vegh Dental 3D Printing

Dr. Dániel Végh DMD, Ph.D.

Specialist in Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Semmelweis University – Department of Prosthodontics – Budapest, Hungary

In his own words, ” My name is Dr. Daniel Vegh! I earned my DMD degree at the Semmelweis University in 2015!

I am working at the Department of Prosthodontics since then! I am a prosthodontist since 2018, and I earned my Ph.D. Degree in 2019, the topic was diabetes and oral complications!

As a regular participant of dental congresses, I meet with 3D printing technology on-site, and I become a fanatic! 

I found out that a lot of my colleagues are interested in it, but there is a lack of experience and knowledge about it! I started my Instagram page ( @3d_printing_dentistry), where my aim is to build International connections! Semmelweis University established SE3D lab, an innovative place dedicated to 3D printing for students and staff! It has research, educational and clinical aspects!”

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