Interview with Mike Graffeo -Being a 3D Bioprinting Entrepreneur (IG Live Recordings)

It has been almost nine months since we interviewed Mike Graffeo, CEO, and co-founder of Fluidform, a 3D printing startup out of Carnegie Mellon University focusing on key applications using Freeform Reversible Embedding of Suspended Hydrogels (FRESH) technology.  If the average lifetime of a typical startup is five years, the one-year time of a startup is equivalent to 20 human years.  Check out this episode of Instagram Live on how a bioprinting startup was founded, lessons learned, ambitions, and more. 

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Highlights of this interview:

How did Mike and Adam meet to co-found Fluidform, along with three other co-founders?

What is FRESH bioprinting? What can it do? (See video for demo)

How to handle challenges and uncertainties as a bioprinting startup CEO?

How to pick the winning team as an entrepreneur?

How to find the market product fit for emerging technologies like bioprinting?

How to find funding for bioprinting startups?

How does bioprinting startup help pharma R&D?

What were some of Mike’s past mistakes as a bioprinting startup founder?

“I see a lot of people chasing a lot of different goals. And, there are a lot of different directions any technology can go. You know, classically, there’s the ability to say, listen, there’s a gold rush coming. So I’m going to sell picks and shovels so that the people who are coming for the Gold Rush have the right tools. And there are a lot of tool companies. In fact, that’s where the majority of the company names that we know in the bioprinting space are tools, companies. I do believe that the gold rush is coming. And I think tools companies have a chance to be successful. I think that the growth rate and how fast that gold rush comes is an open question…”

About our guest:

Mike Graffeo

Mike Graffeo
Mike Graffeo

A senior executive with a proven track record in the commercialization of innovative medical technology, Mike is a results-oriented, decisive leader with a track record of successfully growing new businesses in both startup and growth organizations. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience translating highly complex devices and clinical data into successful businesses, both in the US and globally. Mike holds a BS in Engineering Physics and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, as well as an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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