Interview: Rafael Vidal Peres, Founder of Aditiv and RealDent

Rafael Vidal Peres PhD and master in biomaterials by the Military Engineering Institute (IME); Specialist in Temporomandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain and specialist in Orthodontics. Experience in the area of ​​orofacial rehabilitation with an emphasis on biomaterials, 3D printing, and applied three-dimensional modeling. Founder of Aditiv that provides services in the area of ​​3D printing and three-dimensional biomedical modeling; Founder of RealDent specializes in 3D printing of realistic replicas of teeth for training; Researches in the area of ​​materials for 3D printing in partnership with companies such as PROTMAT, BRASKEM and 3DLAB. He is also one of the speakers on the upcoming event in São Paulo, Brazil on April 17, 2019. For more information of the event you can check this link.

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