Interview: Lisa Zeng, Shanghai

“I’d like to bring people the newest (research) findings and innovations in the dental 3D Printing arena, and in the near future, medical 3D printing and bioprinting.”



3DHEALS members can get in touch with: Lisa Zeng here

Jenny: Tell us, what is one quote that represents you?
Lisa: Bring innovation news for dental/medical 3D printing, and 3D bioprinting.
Jenny: Tell us a little about yourself. (Where are you from originally? Where are you located? What are you working on?)
Lisa: I was born in Harbin and work in Shanghai and Singapore. I am a doctor and work in the dental industry. I am currently working as the General Manager in the dental division of a 3D printing company.
Jenny: What made you decide to become a 3DHEALS community manager?
Lisa: My personal interests in dental, medical 3D printing, and 3D bioprinting. I am focusing on the dental and medical 3D printing area. I also have a master degree in biogenetics. Most of my work in my current company is on marketing.
Jenny: If you have already organized a 3DHEALS event, what were your experiences like? d?
Lisa: Not yet. I am planning to start on early of September (just before an important dental show in Shanghai)
Jenny: What do you think of innovations in healthcare 3D printing or bioprinting? What do you hope to see in the next five years? 10 years?
Lisa: Now is dental 3D printing. Tomorrow is medical 3D printing (3 years) and future is bio 3D printing (5-10 years).

Jenny: If you have done 3D printing before, what have you made/designed? (Photos if available, preferably in healthcare application)
Lisa: Dental application. The dental printer that my team designed has total 4 products, named EvoDent (
Jenny: Most of our community managers are entrepreneurial and adventurous, what risks/adventures have you taken that you’d like to share with us? Any hopes or regrets?
Lisa: I set up a new department for a 3D printer company for dental applications 2 years ago from scratch. Now we launched two generations of dental 3D printers and sell in the USA, China, and Europe.
Hope I can bring something new in the near future to dentists, to make them more efficient.
Jenny: Who would you like to find and to include in the 3DHEALS community you are building?
Lisa:  Experts for dental/ medical/ 3D printing world. Currently, I have a WeiChat group for it.
Jenny: What would you like to accomplish with this new 3DHEALS community in the future?
Lisa: I’d like to bring people the newest (research) findings and innovations in the dental 3D Printing arena, and in the near future, medical 3D printing and bioprinting.
Jenny: What do you think about the innovation environment (for health tech or for general technology) in your city? What can be done to improve it?
Lisa: The (Chinese) government is quite supportive. We have a lot of alignment with the public hospitals, government, social media/media, and organizations.
Jenny: What are you most proud of about your city?
Lisa: Shanghai is a very modern and full of culture.
Jenny: What are you most proud of about the innovation community in your city?
Lisa: You mean for 3D printing technology or innovation for overall? Basically quite proud of that I can pay by barcode from a phone (Alipay or WeiChat pay)
Jenny: What do you think are the top priorities in healthcare innovations for your city/community?
Lisa: Shanghai is the most advanced city for medical and dental technologies. Shanghai has nationally famous dental and medical universities
Jenny: What do you hope to accomplish through your role as the 3DHEALS community manager?
Lisa: To connect the person from Dental/Medical/Bio/3D printing fields, share information on innovations among them.
Jenny: What do you do for fun?
Lisa: Travelling, Sports, and reading.