Interview: Jeffrey Sorenson, President and Chief Executive Officer of TeraRecon

I began my career at Philips Medical Systems as a field service engineer. It grew over time into a leadership development program and eventually a paid MBA. Everything was lining up to have a very long and prosperous career at Philips. Through a set of strange circumstances, I ran into my predecessor who used to hold my job. I met him only out of curiosity.  But, with him was another person whom I had heard of before at Philips and who was now working at the same company, Imatron. They successfully recruited me to this little super-fast CT scanner company that had a product that could image the heart when no other CT scanner could. I left the security behind, with my wife pregnant with our first child, and took a big risk that being a big part of a small company would allow me to learn faster than being a small part of a big company. While we had our challenges and it was not easy, the company was turned around and sold to another big company, GE Medical Systems. It was because of this risk that I took that I learned marketing, sales, product management, advanced image processing techniques, and began working with companies like my current employer, TeraRecon. The broader knowledge and cross-functional experience that I gained has defined my career, prepared me for my current role, and directed my career toward 3D image processing, including the 3D printing solutions that have brought me to become a part of 3DHeals.

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