Interview: Dr. Jing Jianlong, Dental 3D Printing, China


What are the factors that motivate you to engage in 3D printing?)


“Change processing technology, improve processing accuracy and efficiency, can be copied, and it’s traceable”

景建龙,本科/学士,副主任技师 (With English Translation)
南京大学医学院附属口腔医院/南京市口腔医院 修复工艺科主任
中华口腔医学会修复工艺学专业委员会 副主任委员
南京时代义齿技术研制有限公司 总经理
南京市医疗器械管理协会口腔工艺分会 副理事长

Dr. Jing Jianlong, Bachelor/Bachelor, Deputy Chief Technician (Chinese Presentation With English Translation)

Director, Department of Rehabilitation Technology, Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Nanjing University School of Medicine / Nanjing Stomatological Hospital

Vice Chairman of the China Rehabilitation Technology Committee Nanjing Times Denture Technology Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Vice President, Oral Technology Branch, Nanjing Medical Device Management Association   He has long been engaged in the production of various types of dental prostheses and research on process technology and has strong professional ability and rich work experience. Specializes in personalized production of special difficult cases and aesthetic restorations. Focus on the development of digital orality and participate in the multidisciplinary integration of digital platforms. In recent years, there have been 1 research projects, and published and participated in the publication of more than 10 papers in the core and statistical source journals. 4 patents.

Dr. Jing Jianlong will be a speaker at the Shanghai event

Jenny: 您第一次接触3D打印是什么时候?在什么情况下?那一刻的感受是什么?
When was the first time you touched 3D printing? under what conditions? What was the feeling at that moment?
Dr. Jing: 2012年,立项上马3D打印项目,外出考察不同厂家的设备情况。看了Objet产品,打印出的脚有神经、血管、骨骼,打印的手机壳子硬的,按键是软的,感觉很神奇,太棒了。

Dr. Jing: In 2012, the project launched a 3D printing project to go out and inspect the equipment of different manufacturers. Looked at the object product, the printed foot has nerves, blood vessels, bones, the printed phone case is hard, the buttons are soft, it’s great.
Jenny: 是什么因素促使您开始研究或从事3D打印(生物制造/生物打印)?
What prompted you to start research or engage in 3D printing (biological manufacturing/bioprinting)?
Dr. Jing: 6年前引进了CAD-CAM那是做减法,现在对做加法的3D打印很期待。口腔数字化是发展趋势。希望打印技术替代传统的加工工艺。
Dr. Jing: The introduction of CAD-CAM 6 years ago is a subtraction, and is now looking forward to 3D printing for addition. Oral digitization is a development trend. It is hoped that printing technology will replace the traditional processing technology.
What are the factors that motivate you to engage in 3D printing?
Dr. Jing: 改变加工工艺,提高加工精度和效率,可复制,可追溯
Dr. Jing: Change processing technology, improve processing accuracy and efficiency, can be copied, and it’s traceable
Jenny: 您工作中最大的障碍是什么?如果您已经克服了这些障碍,您用的是什么方法?
What is the biggest obstacle in your work? If you have overcome these obstacles, what method do you use?
Dr. Jing: 设备不够用
Dr. Jing: There is not enough equipment
Jenny: 您认为“3D打印/生物打印”的最大挑战是什么?应对这些挑战的潜在解决方案是什么?
What do you think is the biggest challenge of “3D printing / bio-printing”? What are the potential solutions to these challenges?
Dr. Jing: 伦理、法规、政府许可
Dr. Jing: Ethics, regulations, and government permits
Jenny: 针对“现实生活”,您给大学生的建议是什么?您觉得什么样的建议是不可取的,是他们不应采纳的?
What are your suggestions for college students for “real life”? What kind of advice do you think is not advisable, they should not adopt it?
Dr. Jing: 大学生要多读书,人生什么时期做什么事,不切实际的建议是不可取的。
Dr. Jing: It is not advisable for college students to read more and what to do in life. Unrealistic advice is not advisable.
Jenny: 如果您有机会通过一个巨大的广告牌,向我们这个行业(如:医疗3D打印和生物制造)的数百万人,甚至数亿人宣传一个理念,您会在这个广告牌上写一条什么样的信息?
If you have the opportunity to promote a concept to millions of people in our industry (eg medical 3D printing and bio-manufacturing) through a huge billboard, what would you write on this billboard? Information?
Dr. Jing: 化繁为简,无所不能
Dr. Jing: Make things simple, omnipotent
Jenny: 您的人生格言是什么?为什么?
What is your life motto? why?

Dr. Jing: 踏实做事,诚实做人。因为事做好了有饭吃、人做好了有路走。
Dr. Jing: Be practical and be honest. Because things are done well, there are people to eat, people are ready to go.