Interview: Christien Kopas, British Columbia, Canada



“I would like to be a part of leading the change in the dental and healthcare industry.”

Community: British Columbia, CA

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Jenny: Christien, please tell us one quote that best represents you.
Christien: Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. – William Pollard
Jenny: Tell us a little about yourself. (Where are you from originally? Where are you located? What are you working on?)
Christien: I began as a CDA in dental offices over 30 years ago. Became a Dental Office Manager, Sales Rep for the largest Dental Lab in Canada and the first CDA they had ever hired. I then consulted in dental practices facilitating a soft tissue management program across Alberta and BC. While pregnant with my son, I was widowed and took a break from dentistry for a few years and ran my own business in the beauty industry. I then managed a large dental practice and was asked to join Argen the largest metals manufacturer in the world, as the first 3Shape Trios 3D imaging system trainer across Canada. I facilitated all support and training for dental labs and dental offices. I then became the Canadian CAD CAM Specialist for Carestream, formerly known as Kodak, facilitating the sale and support system of the CS 3500 Intraoral scanner and CS 3000 in office chairside mill. I was asked to join a dental startup , Perfit Dental Solutions as their COO. The startups focused on a digital workflow for removable. I am currently the CRMO and Digital Implementation Specialist for Schell Dental Ceramics and Innovation Centre.
Jenny: What made you decide to become a 3DHEALS community manager?
Christien: I have been following the site on Linked In for the past year and find their vision and team engaging and exciting. I like to be involved in new technology and 3DHeals allows me to meet and engage with exceptional people on the edge of a new field.
Jenny: What do you think of innovations in healthcare 3D printing or bioprinting? What do you hope to see in the next five years? 10 years?
Christien: I am excited to follow the dental realm as well as healthcare. I would like to see a closer relationship between healthcare and dentistry in the next few years.
Jenny: If you have done 3D printing before, what have you made/designed? (Photos if available, preferably in healthcare application)
Christien: We 3D print dental models on a daily basis. I have an intraoral scanner that creates teeth in 3D. I have scanned an infants hand and foot with my scanner and created a fun present for a dental team member to remember the size of her daughter’s hand and foot.(see below)
Jenny: Most of our community managers are entrepreneurial and adventurous, what risks/adventures have you taken that you’d like to share with us? Any hopes or regrets?
Christien: When I joined a startup, it was very hard to keep focus and understand steps to success. We then joined an innovation center and accelerator which increased our success exponentially.
Jenny: Who would you like to find and to include in the 3DHEALS community you are building?
Christien: I would like to be a part of leading the change in the dental and healthcare industry .
Jenny: What would you like to accomplish with this new 3DHEALS community in the future?
Christien: I would like to interview and meet leaders in Universities in BC as well as leaders in the 3D printing realm both in dentistry and healthcare.
Jenny: What are you most proud of about your city?
Christien: The area I am in has developed into the “ Silicon Valley of the North “ A 2015 study made it clear that #OKGNtech was experiencing unprecedented levels of success and growth ($1.3B in economic impact, 633 companies, 7600 jobs). And even more exciting was the promise of what was to come (15% year-over-year growth).
Jenny: What are you most proud of about the innovation community in your city?
Christien: The fact that it is attracting amazing people committed to change, learning, community and innovation.
Jenny: What do you think are the top priorities in healthcare innovations for your city/community?
Christien: Open discussions, speakers that are relevant to the current workflow as well as a view into the future.      
Jenny: What do you hope to accomplish through your role as the 3DHEALS community manager?
Christien: I am motivated by bringing people together and enabling exciting discussions.
Jenny: What do you do for fun?
Christien: Hang with my family