IG Live with Dr. Devid Zille: The Past and Present of 3D Printing in Maxillofacial Surgery

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May 16, 2021

In this Episode of 3dhealsLive, we spoke about the unique journey for Dr. Devid Zille on how he was a hobbyist CAD designer for cars (since 17 years old) to a CMF surgeon. What was the first clinical case that inspired him to dig deeper into using 3D printing in maxillofacial surgery? What advice does he have for clinicians and newcomers who want to venture into the world of CAD/CAM design and medical 3D printing#dental3dprinting? What does Tom Cruise have to do with anything. We have the answers here. 

Other versions of this podcast:

  • Devid’s early career journey into dental 3D printing. How he transformed himself from a 3D printing hobbyist to a professional designer for 3D printed dental implant devices, while still practicing as a dental surgeon
  • His own journey of optimizing orthognathic surgery from earlier two-dimensional self-made “digital dentistry” years ago using photoshop to now fully three-dimensional virtual surgical planning using CAD design and 3D printing to optimize aesthetics and functionality of the jaw.
  • Tom Cruise, transgender surgery
  • What software did Devid use/recommend as a starter to now a professional 3D printing implant designer
  • Adaption rate of 3D Printing and virtual surgical planning in CMF surgery in the U.S. and worldwide
  • What if CMF surgery went wrong? 
  • What is “Surgeon driven design”?
  • How to bridge the gap between biomedical engineering and surgeons
  • How to “copy and paste”? What is Combeativity? 

Software mentioned: Blender, 3D Max, Materialise, Autodesk, 3dsystems, Invesalius

About our guest:

Dr. Devid Zille is a practicing dental surgeon as well as the Director of Innovation at CPMH,  a Brazillian 3D printing company that focuses on maxillofacial, neurosurgery, and extremity surgeries. He is a post-graduate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery mainly focused on the correction of facial deformities., having been trained both in Brazil and the U.S. His expertise includes 3D modeling and design using advanced concepts like lightweight structures and topological optimization based on FEA analysis and 3D printing. He has been tinkering with CAD design ever since age 17. 

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