The Augmented Mind: How AR/VR will empower 3D Printing technology in bettering the real world.

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AR/VR and 3D Printing are emerging technologies because of the advancement in computer science and our deepened understanding of human-computer interaction. The power of 3D printing is that digital design can now make a significant impact in the real world, either in the form of personalized medicine or architectural plans. However, the ultimate origin of the digital manufacture blueprints is the human mind. The uprising of VR/AR technologies will serve to expand the human minds, providing new multi-sensory environments to improve 3D printing design and to inspire 3D printing innovations. The result is a 3D printed product that will interact with the physical world more efficiently.

However, the possibilities of AR/VR and 3D printing working together to improve human lives are not limited to the digital manufacture workflow but revolutionize future innovation and product cycle (Figure 1).

Figure 1. VR/AR empowered 3D printing design/product cycle

Trust me; everyone is keeping an eye on this. Happy 2017!