4D Printing, 3D Printing Fish Gelatin for Drug Delivery, and Simulating Nasal Cavities

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Shape-shifting structured lattices via multimaterial 4D printing

Authored by J. William Boley, Wim M. van Rees, Charles Lissandrello, Mark N. Horenstein, Ryan L. Truby, Arda Kotikian, Jennifer A. Lewis, and L. Mahadevan. PNAS, 15 October 2019

Fabrication of 3D-Printed Fish-Gelatin-Based Polymer Hydrogel Patches for Local Delivery of PEGylated Liposomal Doxorubicin

Authored by Jin Liu, Tatsuaki Tagami and Tetsuya Ozeki. MDPI Marine Drugs, 20 June 2020

Three-Dimensional Printing of the Nasal Cavities for Clinical Experiments

Authored by Olli Valtonen, Jaakko Ormiskangas, Ilkka Kivekäs, Ville Rantanen, Marc Dean, Dennis Poe, Jorma Järnstedt, Jukka Lekkala, Pentti Saarenrinne & Markus Rautiainen. Scientific Reports. 16 January 2020. 

Challenges Facing 3D Printing in Reconstructive Surgeries

Interview: Dr. Albert Woo, Brown University

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