From Academia: 3D Bioprined Dendritic Vascular Networks, Cornea, Alternative Drug Delivery

In this week’s “From Academia”, we share with you three latest publications in the space of bioprinting vascular structures for tissue engineering applications, cornea for corneal stromal transplantation, and scaffolds for cancer precision medicine. The first article explores the use of selective laser sintering (SLS) technnology to fabricate sacrificial templates for constructing perfusable vascular networks, addressing the limited capabilities of material extrusion 3D printing. The second article demonstrates the use of an aluminum corneal mold fabricated via machining, combine with material extrusion 3D printing to develop a viable corneal model for corneal stromal transplantation. The third article provides us an excellent review of the 3D printing technology for tissue engineering, particularly its usage for developing scaffolds for drug delivery systems, as well as advances, challenges, and future perspectives of 3D printed cancer models for precision medicine.

From Academia” features recent, relevant, close to commercialization academic publications. Subjects include but not limited to healthcare 3D printing, 3D bioprinting, and related emerging technologies.

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Generation of model tissues with dendritic vascular networks via sacrificial laser-sintered carbohydrate templates 

Authored by Ian S. Kinstlinger, Sarah H. Saxton, Gisele A. Calderon, Karen Vasquez Ruiz, David R. Yalacki, Palvasha R. Deme, Jessica E. Rosenkrantz, Jesse D. Louis-Rosenberg, Fredrik Johansson, Kevin D. Janson, Daniel W. Sazer, Saarang S. Panchavati, Karl-Dimiter Bissig, Kelly R. Stevens & Jordan S. Miller. Nature Biomedical Engineering, 29 June 2020

3D printed artificial cornea for corneal stromal transplantation 

Authored by Songul Ulag, Elif Ilhan, Ali Sahin, Betul Karademir Yilmaz, Deepak M. kalaskar, Nazmi Ekren, Osman Kilic, Faik Nuzhet Oktar, Oguzhan Gunduz. European Polymer Journal, 15 June 2020

Design and Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Printed Scaffolds for Cancer Precision Medicine

Authored by Abbas Shafiee. Tissue Engineering Part A, 17 March 2020. 

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