Adelaide BioMed City Emerging Healthcare Technology Series: 3D Printing

blank blank Dec 13, 2020

Video recording (below) of a recent conversation organized by Adelaide BioMed City between 3DHEALS founder/CEO Dr. Jenny Chen and Anatomiz3D co-founder/CTO Firoza Kothari, hosted by Robert Kluttz.


Jenny Chen, M.D. (3DHEALS)

jenny chen

Jenny Chen, MD, is currently the Founder and CEO of 3DHEALS, a company focusing on education and industrial research in the space of bioprinting, regenerative medicine, healthcare applications using 3D printing. With a focus on emerging healthcare technology, Jenny invests in and mentors relevant startups, especially companies pitching through Pitch3D. She believes a more decentralized and personalized healthcare delivery system will better our future.

Firoza Kothari (Anatomiz3D)

Firoza Anatomiz3d

Firoza Kothari, Co-Founder & CTO – Anatomiz3D Medtech Pvt. Ltd. â€“ A B.Tech in Biotechnology Engineering, Firoza Kothari started her journey to provide patient-specific medical solutions and one day end the organ donation problem by creating live organs out of patients’ stem cells. With that aspiration, she gave birth to Anatomiz3D. She, along with her team, was the first to execute soft tissue models in India through Paediatric Cardiology, partial amputee prosthetic hand, first kidney tumor case in India, and the model for tongue cancer was the first in the world. Being a Co-founder and CTO of Anatomiz3D, she, along with her team, has successfully added 700 plus case studies. Her multi-disciplinary expertise prevails in converting 2D DICOM CT/MRI/Echo Scans to 3D Printed anatomical replicas, medical devices, and allied products, using various combinations of Hardware and Software, across multiple medical specializations. Anatomiz3D has played a vital role in creating the market for 3D Printing in the Medical industry in India and are pioneers for the same.


Robert Kluttz

Robert Kluttz

Robert Kluttz, who is the Executive director of Clinical Innovation at the CEIH. His work revolves around building system capability and delivering programs to foster the development of innovation infrastructure across the South Australia health system (including >40k employees, 70+ hospitals, and hundreds of subacute facilities) in partnership with private providers, universities, research institutes, and other non-governmental organizations.

About Adelaide BioMed City

Adelaide BioMed City is a hub for health and life sciences. It co-locates institutions from research, education and clinical care in a precinct in the heart of Adelaide.

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