3DHEALS 2020 Virtual Global Summit (Recording) 🗓

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Full recording of this virtual summit gathering 76+ brilliant minds and 500 attendees from 17 countries, 329 organizations is now available for purchase until September 5th, 2020. A purchased recording will be available until May 1st, 2020.

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The highly anticipated 3DHEALS 2020 Global Healthcare 3D Printing conference was set to happen at the heart of San Francisco. Due to the current COVID19 crisis, the organizer successfully transformed the multi-track global summit completely online.

What is a better time to polish your skills and getting ready for the next acceleration of your career in this pandemic than learning about cutting edge technology and connect with leaders that will become your mentor, collaborator, and co-founder?

Read about WHY it is even more important to “attend” this conference here.

Meet our 3DHEALS2020 Speakers before the virtual event on camera here, and on our new podcast series here. More technical and in-depth interviews can be found here.

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