Interview: Mr. Nathan Harding

Nathan Harding Interview Series

Q: What is your vision on the intersection of 3D Printing and healthcare?

A: Humans are incredibly varied in their geometry, and therefore I think the ability to customize anything that is essentially a “replacement part” will be welcomed by physicians.

Q: What do you specialize in? What is your passion? 

A: My passion is good ideas and building teams to make them happen.

Q: What inspired you to do what you do? 

A: I don’t think I could put my finger on that, I just turned out that way.

Q: What is the biggest potential impact you see 3D printing having on the healthcare industry? 

A: An infinite number of custom parts not just to replace bone matter, but to replace more complicated structures in the body as well.

Q: What challenges do you see arising in implementing 3D printing in healthcare sector in the next 5 years? 

A: All the usual suspects: regulatory environment, lack of capital for hardware startups, difficulty of building clinical data, etc.

Q: What is the best business lesson you have learned? 

A: Be ready to have even your most basic assumptions and best ideas proven wrong. You need to listen to the market to find the right answer.

Q: What is the biggest business risk you have taken?

A: I decided to become an unemployed entrepreneur right after my first child was born. I’m lucky my wife didn’t kill me.