Interview: Alberto Ruiz de Olano Apodaca

Alberto Ruiz De Olano is the CTO/Founder of Optimus3D.
Q: How did you first encounter 3D printing? What was the story?
A: In 2014, we saw a metallic heat exchanger in a trade fair. The poster said “This stainless-steel part was produced in 24hours”, unbelievable we thought. We had been buying metallic parts for the automotive market for more than ten years and we never had seen anything like that. We spent one hour with the man in the stand talking about this new technology, and we saw the light.
Q: What inspired you to use or work with 3D printing?
A: We produce new solutions for problems that have always been there; sometimes faster, sometimes cheaper, and sometimes completely new compared to the current solution.
Q: What is the biggest motivation for your work?
A: Solve new problems every day. All works are different.
Q: What is the biggest challenge in your work?
A: Helping to find for our customers how they can be more efficient, not always the price is the prime deciding factor. In the medical sector, the biggest challenge is the lack of “engineered” physicians (as in the ability to engineer and design products) and the regulatory framework.

Q: How do you plan to conquer this challenge?
A: We try to work very closely with the doctor, to help him with the design. Also, we have started towards gaining the ISO13485 quality certification process. We are 3D evangelizers, and we try to carry the reality of the 3d printing building rates, materials, and average prices to the decision makers.
Q: What is your vision on the potential impact of your current work to the future of medicine?
A: Actually, we identify two very different groups of potential customers. Big market in the “Do it yourself” community for economic prosthetic products in child and low resources populations. High-value market: customized replacement (hip, knee, severe resections) and customized external prosthetic for temporal immobilization, or permanent improvement.
Q: What is the biggest change/improvement since last year this time?
A: The new HP technology produces FDA approved part to be in contact with intact skin. The price of this part allows us to start thinking about commercial solutions for some injuries.
Q: What are you passionate about?
A: About the organic design that we can use in our solutions.
Q: What is the biggest risk you took in your career?
A: I do not remember because I do not remember it as a risk, but probably was to start our 3D printing company, first we were two but now we are five and growing.
Q: What do you enjoy in your spare time?
A: Helping our community, actively participating in the local institutions, council, and sports club.


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