3D Technologies & 3D Printing for the Spine đź—“

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3D technologies for treating spinal diseases, especially degenerative diseases, are becoming a sub-universe within the orthopedic sphere. In this event, we will invite experts working on the research and commercialization of spinal devices, from software to hardware to service providers, to discuss how big and deep 3D printing is in this industry.

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Craig Johnson

Craig is a Boston native, where grew up and went to school with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After years of working in product design and manufacturing, he quickly fell in love with the magic of 3D printing, focusing on helping grow innovation of all types. Soon, he was introduced to the medical side of 3D printing, immediately saw the impact, and wanted to focus on helping the amazing people expanding that industry. Now, as one of Materialise’s Account Managers, he focuses on medical device development and the use of Mimics software solutions to use digital anatomy to improve results. Coming from additive manufacturing, he strives to teardown inefficiencies and is here to help bring time savings and automation to medical device workflows.