From Academia: 3D Printing for Veterinary Medicine

Part human evolution, part recent pandemic, we are more caring towards our animal companions in the last few years. Veterinary medicine spending as a whole is on the rise because of our compassion for our best friends. In this week’s issue of “From Academia”, we include three recent publications from veterinary medicine on how we can take care of our animals using 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies. The first article lays the foundation of the how-tos in 3D printing for veterinary medicine. The second article focuses on implant development for large bone defects using 3D printed bone. The result was astonishing. The last article uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to make prostheses for large animals.

From Academia” features recent, relevant, close to commercialization academic publications. Subjects include but not limited to healthcare 3D printing, 3D bioprinting, and related emerging technologies.

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3D Printing for veterinary anatomy: An overview

Authored by Ray Wilhite and Inga Wölfel. Anatomia Histologia Embryologia. 8 November 2019

Use of three‐dimensionally printed β‐tricalcium phosphate synthetic bone graft combined with recombinant human bone morphogenic protein‐2 to treat a severe radial atrophic nonunion in a Yorkshire terrier

Authored by Jordi Franch, Albert Barba, Katrin Rapper, Yassine Maazouz, Maria-Pau Ginebra. Veterinary Surgery. 8 July 2020 

Orthosis and Prosthesis Development for Large and Medium Animals using reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Techniques

Authored by Marcelo A. R. D. Santos, Ruís C. Tokimatsu, Tiago L. E. Treichel, Tales D. D. Prado, Adecir C. D. S. Junior. International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science. May 2020

Medical Simulation Using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing

3D Printing in Veterinary Practice

3DHEALS IG Live Recordings: 3D Printing in Veterinary Medicine with Richard Doerer

3D Printing In Orthopedics: Implants, Drug Delivery, Bone Regeneration

3D Bioprinting for Wound Healing and Skinlike Sensors
Automated Bioprinting

3D Printed Drug Delivering Medical Devices

3D Printing Pharmaceuticals and Drug Delivery Devices

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