3D Printing for Perioperative Planning of Breast Cancer, Brain Tumor, and Microtia

3D printing for perioperative planning has been around since the birth of STL. However, the medical community has gone through many milestones, and this “From Academia” blog highlights three recent publications demonstrating how the surgical communities are reinventing old surgical techniques using new 3D technologies, racing from 3D printed soft anatomical models, new 3D software tools, finite element analysis, to artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The first article is a review focusing on different applications of 3D printing in breast cancer management, ranging from visualization help to surgical guides that may be more superior to conventional guidance to post-surgical radiation treatment guidance. The second article is a research paper focusing on creating streamlined workflow leveraging improved, more automated segmentation processes (for soft tissues) and soft material 3D printing technologies to create better neurosurgical planning by creating 3D printed patient-specific brain tumour models. The final paper describes the use of affordable 3D printing technology to produce ready-to-use, sterilizable auricular carving and framework sizing templates to guide the perioperative sculpture of the cartilaginous framework during microtia reconstruction, considered one of the most challenging procedures in the field of reconstruction surgery.

From Academia” features recent, relevant, close to commercialization academic publications. Subjects include but not limited to healthcare 3D printing, 3D bioprinting, and related emerging technologies.

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Applications of 3D printing in breast cancer management

Authored by Arpine Galstyan, Michael J. Bunker, Fluvio Lobo, Robert Sims, James Inziello, Jack Stubbs, Rita Mukthar & Tatiana Kelil. 3D printing in Medicine. February 9 2021

Clinical application of patient-specific 3D printing brain tumor model production system for neurosurgery

Authored by Yun-Sik Dho, Doohee Lee, Teahyun Ha, So Young Ji, Kyung Min Kim, Ho Kang, Min-Sung Kim, Jin Wook Kim, Won-Sang Cho, Yong Hwy Kim, Young Gyu Kim, Sang Joon Park & Chul-Kee Park. Nature Scientific Reports. March 26 2021

Multiscale sterilizable 3D printed auricular templates to guide cartilaginous framework sizing and sculpture during autologous microtia reconstruction

Authored by Bushra Alhazmi, Feras Alshomer, Bassam Alawirdhi. JPRAS open. March 19 2021

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