In Vivo & Robotic-assisted Minimally Invasive Bioprinting, 3DP for Liver Surgery

In this week’s “From Academia”, we share with you three latest publications focusing on Bioprinting and 3D printing for surgical liver anatomy. Imagine 3D printing biological constructs inside ones body without the invasive implantation procedure. The first article demonstrates this concept using their intravital 3D (i3d) bioprinting technique to fabricate photosensitive hydrogel constructs under the epimysium of hindlimb muscle in mice, leading to the successful formation of myofibres. Similar to i3d bioprinting, the second article explores another alternative to minimal invasive bioprinting where direct-write (DW) 3D printing of bioinks, complemented with robotics towards intracorporeal tissue engineering (TE). In a much broader topic, the third article investigates the advantages of medical 3D printing pre-surgical liver models to enhance surgical residents’ learning experience and improve their comprehension of liver anatomy for laparoscopy or open liver resection procedures.

From Academia” features recent, relevant, close to commercialization academic publications. Subjects include but not limited to healthcare 3D printing, 3D bioprinting, and related emerging technologies.

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Intravital three-dimensional bioprinting

Authored by Anna Urciuolo, Ilaria Poli, Luca Brandolino, Paolo Raffa, Valentina Scattolini, Cecilia Laterza, Giovanni G. Giobbe, Elisa Zambaiti, Giulia Selmin, Michael Magnussen, Laura Brigo, Paolo De Coppi, Stefano Salmaso, Monica Giomo & Nicola Elvassore. Nature Biomedical Engineering, 22 June 2020

Direct-write 3D printing and characterization of a GelMA-based biomaterial for intracorporeal tissue

Authored by A Asghari Adib, A Sheikhi, M Shahhosseini, A Simeunović, S Wu, C E Castro, R Zhao, A Khademhosseini and D J Hoelzle. Biofrabrication, 7 July 2020

Impact of 3D printing technology on the comprehension of surgical liver anatomy

Authored by Tianyou Yang, Shuwen Lin, Qigen Xie, Wenwei Ouyang, Tianbao Tan, Jiahao Li, Zhiyuan Chen, Jiliang Yang, Huiying Wu, Jing Pan, Chao Hu, Yan Zou. Surgical Endoscopy. 18 June 2018. 

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