3DHEALS (Dr. Jenny Chen) invites technological game-changers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, world-class clinicians, scientists, and other expert stakeholders to have deep-dive conversations on how to re-invent healthcare using 3D printing, bioprinting, and related emerging technologies. (Click here to read about the inception of this healthcare 3D printing podcast.) This official 3DHEALS healthcare 3D printing podcast will also feature the following:

Ask Me Anything: where Jenny, 3DHEALS community managers, and 3DHEALS partners will answer various questions from the community.

Expert Corner blogs converted audio recordings for those who hate too much screen time.

Audio recordings from various 3DHEALS webinars, Instagram/Youtube live sessions.

Interviews with upcoming 3DHEALS event speakers, social media influencers, and other cool folks you’d like to meet.

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