3D Bioprinting for Food

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Lately, 3D printing food has become a hot topic, as climate change and the impending water shortage crisis all beckon humanity for alternative more environmental (and healthier) food sources. “Cultured meat”, “cellular agriculture”, “lab-grown meats” are all new popular concepts that are receiving increasing attention. What are the roles of 3D printing in all this? What are the issues entrepreneurs and scientists facing? Who are the influencers, rising startups, regulatory bodies for this emerging field? How is the culinary world receiving the 3D printing concept? 


Avery Parkinson

Avery is the Executive Director of Cellular Agriculture Canada. She has been passionate about cell ag technology for a couple of years now and has held positions at Tufts University, Big Idea Ventures, the Good Food Institute, and the Protein Report where she has worked on creating educational content and resources to grow the industry nationally and worldwide.

Kyle Von Hasseln

Kyle von Hasseln is an American inventor, entrepreneur and adventurer. He graduated Middlebury College with a focus in molecular ecology. He was awarded the Frank Gehry Prize for Best Thesis at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, where he invented and patented the first dehydrated food 3D printer. His startup, Sugar Lab, was acquired by 3D Systems where he led the development of the first NSF certified commercial food 3D printer. In 2020 he founded Culinary Printworks, the first on-demand culinary 3D printing firm, and brought back the retail Sugar Lab brand. Kyle is an avid backcountry skier, surfer, and alpine rock climber.

Roger Kuan

Roger Kuan is a Partner at Haynes and Boone and chair of the Precision Medicine and Digital Health Practice Group, where he counsels companies that are uniquely positioned in the convergence of the life/medical sciences and technology industries on how to successfully navigate the complexities of the intellectual property (IP), data rights and regulatory challenges they encounter.Roger has extensive experience in IP strategy and portfolio management (utility/design patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade dress), data rights strategy, licensing and technology transactions, freedom-to-operate clearances, enforcement, monetization, IP due diligence, and dispute resolution. His practice is focused in the life sciences sector (e.g., research tools, analytical instrumentation/software, digital therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, biomanufacturing equipment, etc.) with an emphasis in emerging technologies such as Precision Medicine (e.g., genomic sequencing platforms, AI/ML, computational genomics/bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, companion diagnostics, etc.), Digital Health (e.g., mobile apps, clinical decision support, software, digital therapeutics, AI/ML Imaging Diagnostics, wearables, etc.) and 3D printing/bioprinting. Prior to joining Haynes and Boone, Roger served as Director, IP Counsel at a multinational biotechnology company, where he managed a team to support the worldwide IP needs of the company’s life sciences tools, bioproduction/biomanufacturing, molecular diagnostics, and nucleic acid sequencing system/software platforms. Prior to finishing his law degree, he worked in the life sciences industry for several Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, medical device, and chemical companies. He has held professional positions in the R&D, sales, engineering, and regulatory affairs organizations.

Simon Fried

Simon, head of business at MeaTech, grew up around restaurants, has business experience including food retail, FMCG, distilleries and 3D printing. Combined with his academic background in risk, behavioral economics, and behavior change, he’s excited to be playing a part in the cultivated meat transformation.


Dr. Vidya Chamundeswari Narasimhan

 3DHeals Community Manager – San Francisco

Dr. Vidya is currently heading the Biomaterials engineering division at NEW AGE MEATS – Berkeley, California. She received her Ph.D from Nanyang Technological University(NTU), Singapore in 2018. Her research focused on developing bioactive polymeric scaffolds for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration applications.

During her post doctoral fellowship in Singapore, Vidya spearheaded various academia-industrial collaborative projects. At 3DHEALS, she is our Community Manager of San Francisco Bay Area and is also actively involved in STEM mentorship and in tutoring University and Junior college students for various competitive examinations.  

Vidya has been actively involved in research pertaining to sustainability within the agro-food and biomaterials sector, and is passionate about emerging technologies in the field of 3D bioprinting. She hopes to actively share and spread this interest amongst like minded professionals in the field of  regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Currently Vidya has contributed to a couple of expert column blogs on bone tissue engineering and is the co-instructor of an online course on Bioinks used for Bioprinting available on Udemy!

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