3D Bioprinting: Chiasm of Art, Design, Science, Technology, Evolution

First introductions to bioprinting generally make it clear how bioprinting is based in science and technology, however, the art and design aspect cannot be overlooked as necessary parts of the process for a successful outcome. The specification and design of the experiment, as well as the specification and design of the final product, are central. Technically, good design means that the product functions well, that it is streamlined into an efficient and easy to use outcome that provides answers to a problem and/or helps people make sense of their world. To design is to problem solve. Executing solutions with fine craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail that not only supports its function but is also admired and appreciated for its elegance in execution. Art is the consideration and thoughtful integration of what the aesthetics and form language convey, and the emotional aspect of the work. The part of the work that conveys deep fundamental truths carried throughout every step of the process from concept to completion.

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