Vidya C. Narasimhan

Dr. Vidya graduated with a Doctorate by Research from Nanyang Technological University in 2018. Her Ph.D. work focused on developing bioactive polymeric scaffolds for tissue regeneration applications. She has interned at reputed universities and institutions such as MIT-Harvard (2013) and National Chemical Laboratory, Pune India (2012). She was the title winner of the Young Personsā€™ World Lecture Competition, in Australia (2017), and a finalist at the Falling Walls Lab Competition in Singapore (2019).
Over and above her academic activities, Vidya has developed her interpersonal and leadership skills. She is the recipient of the Women in Engineering, Technology and Sciences Conference Grant, served as President of the Graduate Student Body at NTU and presided as the Chair of Young Researcherā€™s Symposium in Poland in 2018. Apart from playing a vital role as the organising committee for various successful academic events and interacting with eminent researchers, she has contributed to student welfare through fundraising, mentoring and clean campus initiatives. In addition to her long-term goal to contribute significantly towards mimicking the principles of biological systems, Vidya is fond of traveling, reading and Indian classical music.