Richard Doerer

Richard Doerer is the 3DHEALS Detroit Community Manager. He is the founder of Modl3D, LLC, a medical technology company specializing in 3D printing and medical imagery for veterinary practices and education. Recent projects include canine nasal sarcomas, brain meningiomas, and aneurysms in the caudal cava.

Richard made a career change to work in the medical field after hearing Dr. David Zopf at a Materialise event in Detroit. Dr. Zopf was a recent speaker at the 3DHEALS Detroit event at the University of Michigan in January 2020. 

A former Yale School of Architecture faculty member in architectural model building, Richard has been involved with 3D printing since the early 1990s with SLA’s from 3D Systems.

In addition to his work with Modl3D, Richard is the Additive Lab Manager/Engineering Manager for Adient, LLC. Adient, LLC is the largest global automotive seat manufacturer.  

Richard is an automotive industry expert featured on numerous panel discussions and holds numerous patents for innovative automotive applications. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, MBA and Yale School of Art, MFA.