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We Print Bone™

Headquarters Oslogade 1 Odense C 5000 Denmark
Categories: Bioprinting /Biofabrication
Website: ossiform.com/
CEO: Thea Wulff Olesen Phone: +4553600670


Ossiform uses proprietary technology to 3D print patient specific, natural, and resorbable bone implants. This enables fast ingrowth of bone tissue, remodeling into real living bone, and results in fewer complications. The technology is also used to provide 3D printed R&D products for enhancing research in human physiology and pathology. In short: We Print Bone™


Ossiform is developing P3D Bone PSI, a Patient Specific Implant that remodels into real living bone. Made from 3D printed ß-tricalcium phosphate, the personalized implant delivers a resorbable material with a unique bone-like porosity. The result is a more natural implant in terms of both material, shape, and structure that enables a full restoration of the functionality and appearance of the patient’s bones.

P3D Bone demonstrates osteoconduction with a rapid formation of new vascularized bone, osseointegration with native bone, and a simultaneous and balanced bioresorption (1).

The P3D Bone PSI requires no manual adjustment in the operating room and eliminates the need to harvest bone as well as the need for permanent and ill-fitting implants. With P3D Bone, surgeons will be able to provide an implant that precisely matches patient needs, and thereby improve patient outcomes, increase procedural efficiency, and minimize the risk of complications.​