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Natural Machines

Treat your customers as individuals with personalized products. 3D printing solutions. Food. Pharma. Skin Care.

Headquarters Barcelona 08002 Barcelona
Categories: Food, Pharma, Pitch3D


We’re helping companies personalize products for their consumers. We do this with our innovative platforms and 3D printers. Focus on wellness in food, pharmaceuticals and skin care industries.

Recipients of 50+ awards/recognitions, including being named as a Top emerging health & wellness startup.

We started with food, and then honed into the health and wellness industries. We are focused on 3 areas:

1) Pharma: personalized drugs. We have a unique solution that optimizes and automates the compounding process (personalizing drugs) in pharmacies and hospitals – utilizing 3D printers.

2) Personal care: personalized face masks and patches that compete with off-the-shelf sheet masks and eye patches, all of which have homogenous mixtures. Our solution takes the result of a facial scan and prints masks and patches made to fit, personalized with corresponding needed products placed where the skin needs them.

3) Food: hospital and home care focus for people with dysphagia. Dysphagia poses a significant risk of choking and it is the number 1 cause of death in Parkinson’s patients. Our printing solution ensures the texture and viscosity are correct, and the pleasurable look and feel of the food leads to people eating more and preventing malnutrition. Choking risk is minimized and prevents frequent eating related hospital visits.

Note that our website and social media pages focus mainly on the “fun” prints of the food printing segment. Customers with these types of printing needs normally need lower volumes and purchase directly via our website. Whereas the other, larger market customers work with us directly or via our partners.