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Dimension Inx LLC

Dimension Inx develops, manufactures, and sells advanced 3D-printable, biomaterials and non-biomaterials materials ("3D-Paints") including but not limited to organ and tissue specific biologics, metals and alloys, ceramics, and more.

Headquarters 303 E Superior St. 11th Floor Chicago IL 60611 United States
Categories: Consulting, Materials, Medical Devices, Pitch3D
CEO: Adam Jakus Chief Technology Officer Phone: 770-530-3617
Website: Bioprinting Anything, from Bone to Graphene, with Dimension Inx 3D Paints Materials Website: HYPERELASTIC BONE A synthetic repair of broken bones Website: Tissues Could Potentially be Regenerated by ‘Origami Organs’ Website: 3-D printed ovary allows infertile mouse to mate and give birth


Dimension Inx develops, manufactures, and sells advanced 3D-printable biomaterials and non-biomaterials (“3D-Paints”), which include tissue repair and regenerative biologics, metals and alloys, ceramics, graphene/graphite/CNTs, and much more. Although Dimension Inx has expertise in the development of bioinks (cell-containing materials), they focus on the acellular advanced biomaterials, such as, but not limited to Hyperelastic Bone, 3D-Graphene/3D-Graphite, organ and tissue specific “Tissue Papers”, which do not require added cells, chemicals, or growth factors to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration, while simultaneously being very surgically friendly and shelf stable. This is distinct from most medical additive manufacturing which is either “traditional” (Surgical guides and models, permanent metal or polymer implants, etc.) or “bioprinting” (3D-printing with live cells and tissues). Several hundred distinct 3D-paints have been developed to date, and they are all 3D-printed at room temperature via simple extrusion at rates far faster than existing 3D-printing methods, can be co-3D-printed together, and can be mixed prior to 3D-printing to create “compound 3D-paints” as desired. 3D-Paints are not restricted to specific 3D-printing hardware, and can be used on a wide variety of platforms. Dimension Inx was founded as spinoff company by Drs. Adam E. Jakus and Ramille N. Shah of Northwestern University, who have ~20 years combined biomaterial and bioink development experience and many tens of thousands of hours of biomaterial 3D-printing and bioprinting hands-on experience – targeting tissues including but not limited to ovaries (3D-printed ovary); nerves, muscle, and cardiac tissues (3D-graphene and 3D-Graphite); bone/teeth and hard-to-soft tissue interfaces (Hyperelastic Bone); liver, kidney, heart, heart, uterus, ovary, etc. (“Tissue Papers”).