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CTI Biotech

CTIBiotech uses advanced tissue engineering techniques (3D bioprinting, bioreactors) to develop models and bioassays needed to test the efficiency and effect of ingredients.

Headquarters Bat A16, 5 avenue Lionel Terray, Meyzieu Lyon 69330 France
Categories: Bioprinting /Biofabrication, Research Center, Service Bureau, Tissue Engineering
CEO: Professor Colin McGuckin Chairman & CSO Phone: +33 9 67 10 74 55


CTIBiotech, models for your research.

CTIBiotech uses advanced tissue engineering techniques (3D bioprinting, bioreactors) to develop models and bioassays needed to test the efficiency and effect of ingredients. Its models have varying levels of complexity suited their clients needs in the pharmaceutical industry and dermato-cosmetics sectors. They also work in partnership to co-develop new models that fit a specific requirement.

The CTIBiotech Biobank is accredited by French authorities and we can offer human tissues, primary cells, cell lines and tumors. They currently store around 30 000 samples, from 0-94 years and from different ethnical backgrounds. Our customers come from all over the world, with particular emphasis for Europe and Asia.

It has three areas of focus:


CTI Pharma

95% of new drug candidates fail cancer clinical trials, costing billions to the pharmaceutical industry and delaying new treatments for patients.
Robust predictive human cell bioassays support faster development of preclinical trials thereby saving time and money. CITBiotech offer: R&D, drug testing, medical device co-development and testing, bioassay co-conception, and open lab. We provide fully functioning 3D tissue models and specific cell models from patients which improve efficacy given their proximity to human physiology.

For: Pharmaceutical industry (cancer research, regenerative medicine, medical devices), public and private research institutions, contract research organisations.

Key product innovations:

• World’s first mini liver as part of a NASA research programme

• World’s first nervous tissue model

• Stem cell applications

• 3D microtumours


CTI Skin

The company develops or co-develop models and bioassays focusing on skin color, (skin) lymphatic systems,  skin appendages. More specifically, they are currently focusing on the following:

• Ex vivo baby skin models

• In vitro hair models

• Sebaceous gland models

• Pigmentation models

• Scar and stretch marks models

• Sensitive skin models


CTI Biosourcing

The company offers: Human biological sample procurement & cell harvesting. Over 50 000 tissue samples in stock or on demand from bio-sourcing via a network of 200 healthcare partners worldwide
More specifically, these include:

• Human skin cells (dermal, epidermal, melanocytes, sebocytes …)

• Oral and facial cells and tissues

• Subcutaneous tissues and organs

• Blood and bone marrow

• Cancer and associated cells

• Pathological tissues

• Cell purification and characterisation (CD34, 56, T, B)