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The AI treatment platform for cerebral palsy.

Headquarters 1053, 51 Pleasant Street Malden MA 02148 United States of America
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Categories: Medical Devices
Phone: +1 888 686 6808 Phone: +1 781 881 9903


Since 2013 Andiamo has invested $7m over 7 years in the Andiamo Treatment system that designs, manufactures and markets a new proprietary method for treating Cerebral Palsy.

The Andiamo Treatment system corrects the gait and creates a better measuring and fitting experience for both the family and clinician. The AI treatment system creates the patient measurement and prescription, creates a digital twin that simulates the prescription outcome, designs a safe medical device and digitally manufactures, using 3d Printing, a splint called an ankle foot orthosis or AFO.

Along the way we have been named the Top Tech company in London in 2019, We Work creator award winners and even visited Richard Branson’s Necker Island.