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Activ Armor

The first commercially available and field tested 3D printed casts/splints in the U.S.

Headquarters 301 N. Main St. Suite 208 Pueblo CO 81003 USA
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Categories: Medical Devices


ActivArmor was established in 2014 by Diana Hall, a Colorado School of Mines graduate in Chemical Engineering, while she was running a mentoring program for children in poverty.

After working in Fortune 500 companies across the country and finishing her master’s degree in Business from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Diana moved back to her hometown of Pueblo, CO to help children on Pueblo’s east side.

Through the mentoring program, Diana worked with children involved in domestic violence situations and living in substandard conditions. They would frequently have casts on that would get filthy after weeks of wear – just playing on the playground like kids. The children with casts for 5 weeks could not even wash their hands to have a snack! One girl had bed bugs in her cast and another little boy, in first grade, was not able to keep his cast dry in a bag outside the shower by himself, as he was being raised by his disabled grandparents. He got his cast wet, and did not want to get in trouble, and had no transportation to get it replaced, so he did not tell and ended up with permanent scarring on his arm from the skin breakdown.